Bin is stuck in the grid and fails to come to the port


This article is intended for certified Pio Super Users who have completed Pio’s Super User course because it requires in-depth knowledge of Pio hardware.
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Learn what to do if the robot is facing difficulties in picking up the bin from inside the grid and delivering it to the port. Issues such as overfilled bins, misplaced bins, or obstacles covering the pick-up holes can hinder the robot's ability to perform the task.

Try these steps to solve the issue

Step 1

Ensure that the system is stopped using Customer console: How to stop the system in customer console

Step 2

Enter the grid. Follow the instructions of entering the grid: How to enter the grid

Always follow local safety regulations and guidelines while on the grid!

Step 3

Check that the bin is correctly positioned inside the grid. Make adjustments if necessary to ensure proper placement.


Step 4

Ensure that the bin is packed according to the instructions. Make any necessary adjustments to the packing. Read more about bin packing recommendations here: How to pack bins correctly


Step 5

Inspect the bin and remove any obstacles that may be covering the pick-up holes, preventing the robot from picking it up.

Important! If you must remove an item from the bin, make sure you do necessary stock adjustments in Pio app afterwards. To do this, ensure that you note down the bin ID. By utilizing the Pio app's Search functionality, you can easily adjust the item count in the bin and maintain accurate inventory records. 


Where to find bin ID: 


Step 6

Exit the grid and lock the door. 

Step 7

Restart the system in the customer console to resume normal operation. Learn more here: Restart the system in the customer console


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