Robots could not get bin in cell


This article is intended for certified Pio Super Users who have completed Pio’s Super User course because it requires in-depth knowledge of Pio hardware.
It is dangerous to follow the instructions below if you are not a certified Pio Super User.
Please contact your manager to determine who can perform these steps in your company.

This is a self-service guide to get the system started when a bin has been marked as unavailable in the system

Incident details in Customer Console

All incidents in the system will be listed in the Customer Console > Overview > Actions. Click the incident to expand and view the details.

In this example it says: 

Robots could not get Bin 100101 in Cell x3 y6
The bin is stuck in the cell and could be damaged, overfilled or something is blocking the gripper holes on the bin. 

Locate the issue cell

The issue cell is marked with a yellow color in the Console Viewer, to make it easy to locate its position in the grid. You will need this position before taking the next step.

Stop the system

Following the steps provided in the incident, you need to stop the system in Customer Console to fix the problem with the bin.

When the system is stopped, the incident will show more details on the next steps to fix the bin issue:

Tip! Take a picture of the cell location and the steps to fix the issue and bring these on your mobile phone.

Enter the grid

Navigate to the problem cell by using the service trolley and follow the instructions given in Customer Console to fix it. 

Important! Entering the grid is only allowed for trained Super Users. 

Complete the steps in Customer Console

Select 'Bin problem is fixed' when you are back outside and start the system. This will mark the incident as 'Completed' and you can continue normal operation.


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