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The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

Sometimes it may be necessary to ship parts of an order, such as in cases where only one item from an order is currently not in stock.Within the Pio app, you have the opportunity to split orders and ship only the available items from a complete order.

Partial shipments settings

In Pio Dashboard > System > Organisation settings > Partial shipments you can enable or disable partial shipments:


If you have partial shipments enabled, it will split orders automatically once and queue them for picking.

If you need to split orders more than once, it has to be done manually.

How the partial order fulfillment works

The split orders are labelled in the order overview as ‘Partially fulfilled’ orders:


In the order details of a ‘Partially fulfilled’ order, you will get an overview of the split between fulfilled and unfulfilled items:


When you get the items back in stock, there are two scenarios of what happens next. In both of the following scenarios, the original order had three products: one sweater, one t-shirt, and one pair of jeans. The t-shirt and jeans were not in stock when the customer ordered them, so you only shipped the sweater to them:

Scenario 1: 

Both of the missing items, t-shirt and jeans, came back in stock one week later at the same time. In this case, the unfilled items will go automatically to picking in Pio app and no extra steps are required.

Scenario 2: 

The t-shirt came back in stock one week later, but the jeans did not. If you want to ship the t-shirt now, you can manually queue that item to be fulfilled. Otherwise Pio will wait for the last missing product (in this case, the jeans) to come back in stock, and then it will automatically send the order to picking.

If you want to want to send the t-shirt now and have three different shipments for the same order, select the three dots next to 'Unfulfilled items' and choose 'Queue all items in stock'. When this is done, a new fulfillment is created.




When the last items are in stock, a new fulfillment is created and the items will automatically go to picking queue. 


When the order is fulfilled, you can see all the partial fulfillments listed on the Order Details page: 


The ‘Order info’ of partially fulfilled orders will also give you details of the different shipments. You can access Order info by tapping on the circle icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then selecting 'Order info':




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