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Order information
Partial shipments
Deviated orders

Order information

This page will show you a list of all your orders, by default sorted with the most recent on top.

You can sort and filter the list to find the specific orders you are looking for.


You can also search for specific orders using the order number.


In the order list you will get some information about each order:

  • Order number

  • Order date and time

  • Amount of items in the order

  • Status of the order: 

    • Open (blue): order is not handled yet, ready to be queued for picking

    • In progress (blue): order is in the picking queue or currently at a port being handled

    • Blocked (yellow): order prioritization rules have stopped the order from going to picking

    • Deviated (yellow): something is wrong with the order

    • Partly fulfilled (yellow): order is split into multiple shipments and waiting for more stock

    • Fulfilled (green): order has been picked and made ready for shipping

    • Cancelled (red): order is cancelled in Shopify

    • Shipped: order has been picked and shipment is created in Webshipper

Sort and filter orders

You can sort the order list by:

  • Created (recent)

  • Created (oldest)

  • Order number (ascending)

  • Order number (descending)


By using filters, you can limit the list of orders by status, store name or stock (insufficient stock).

Select your filters of choice, and click outside the filter menu to exit. To remove all filters, select ‘Clear all’ in filter menu or tag above the order list.


Order details

Selecting an order from the list will give you more information about that specific order:


  • Order number

  • Crated date and time of the order

  • Total number of products

  • Status of the order

  • Fulfillment status and who has handled it

  • List of products in the order 

  • Product information: title, variant, SKU number, and amount

  • For more on Partially fulfilled orders, see article Partially fulfilled orders

From the product list, you can go further into details on each product (see more details in Inventory article)


Order info

Selecting the options icon (three dots) next to the Order status will give you more details about the order:


  • Customer name

  • Contact info (email and phone number)

  • Shipping address

  • Shipping method

  • Comments


Partially fulfilled orders

Sometimes it is necessary to ship parts of an order, ie. if one item is currently not in stock.

In Pio you have the opportunity to split orders, and ship only parts of a complete order.

Read all about partial fulfillments in this article: Partially fulfilled orders

Partial shipments settings

In System > Organisation settings > Partial shipments you can turn on or off partial shipments.

If you have partial shipments set to ‘On’ it will split orders one time automatically and queue them for picking. If you need to split orders more than one time, it has to be done manually.


Deviated orders

If there is an issue with an order, it will be marked as a deviated.

An order is usually deviated if there is lack of stock in the bin, or an item in a bin is reported damaged by the port worker.

More details on deviated orders and how to resolve them are explained in this article: Deviated orders

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