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The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

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What is a deviation or a deviated order?
How to flag an issue when picking the order
How to resolve the deviated orders
When is the order flagged as deviated?
Sort and filter orders
Order comments

What is a deviation or a deviated order?

A deviation or deviated order functionality is used when there is an issue with the order that needs to be resolved before the order can be shipped to customer.

If a port worker sees something wrong when picking items, they should flag the order as a deviated order so that it is not packed and shipped to the customer.

How to flag an issue when picking the order

When picking orders you can come across situations where it is not possible to fulfill the order with the products present in bins. The bins can have wrongly added products, wrong sizes/colors, items can be damaged or the quantity can be wrong (someone took out a product from a bin using search mode without changing the quantity in stock).

If a bin has products that cannot be picked and shipped to customer, this needs to be reported and flagged before continuing picking the next order. If all picks for the problematic order are completed without flagging the issue, the order will be marked as fulfilled.

When you need to report a deviation, click the flag icon next to Shipping method in the top of the screen and choose the applicable category.


There are three deviation categories available:


When using category 'Missing item' or 'Damaged item', you will be asked how many products you picked for this order. Remember to always add a comment with details to make it easier for the warehouse manager to solve the issue later.

After clicking 'Confirm' you will see a message depending on the issue category.



The order will now be flagged as Deviated in Pio. You cannot pack and send this order until the Warehouse Manager has resolved the issue. Leave the order in deviation area (separate shelf for example) so it is easier for Warehouse Manager to find the order.

How to resolve a deviated order

Only Pio Admins and Pio Managers can resolve deviated orders. Go to 'Dashboard' and find the 'Issues' list. 


Click on 'Orders deviated' to see a list of all deviated orders. This is the same as the 'Orders' list with the filter 'Order status: Deviated' already applied.


Open a deviated order from the list to see more details on which product has been flagged as deviated. Depending on the issue that was flagged, you first have to find a replacement or the missing product that caused the deviation, and finish the package for the customer.

The shipping label can be printed when resolving the deviated order from Pio Dashboard.

You will find a 'Resolve deviations' button below the order status in 'Order Details' view.


When the order is complete, and any issues with the remaining products in the bin is sorted, the next step is to mark the order as resolved. Clicking the button will present a dialogue where you have to confirm that the deviation has been resolved. This step is to complete the order fulfillment both in Pio and in Shopify, and must only be done after the manual handling of the order is complete, and all missing or damaged products are dealt with.

Choose between options 'Continue without printing shipping label' or 'Print shipping label'. The second option will also require to choose in which port to print the shipping label.


When is the order flagged as deviated?

An order should always be flagged as deviated if there is lack of stock or if an item is determined to be damaged by the port worker.

Port workers reporting deviations are prompted to add a message about the reason for the deviation that you can access by hovering over the order in the list.

Deviated orders need to be handled manually as they usually require customer service intervention.

Sort and filter orders

You can filter by order status ’Deviated’ to get a full overview of orders that need your attention. Go to Dashboard > Orders > Filter > Status: Deviated. All deviated orders can also be filtered from a link on Dashboard. 


Order comments

Deviated orders can have a message from the port worker attached to them.

Always encourage port workers to add as many details about the issue as possible because this will help customer service to resolve the deviated orders.


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