Robot unable to pick bin from port

Learn what to do if the robot encounters difficulties when attempting to pick up the bin from the port.

Several factors, such as overfilling, improper packing, misplacement, or obstacles covering the bin's pick-up holes, can prevent the robot from picking a bin up from the port.  

Try these steps to solve the issue

Step 1

To ensure safety, make sure that the red error light above the "Retry" button is lit. It is safe to handle the bin while the error light is on, as the port will not move until the Retry button is pressed.


Step 2

Check that the bin is packed according to the instructions. Adjust if needed.
Please see more about how to pack bins here: How to pack bins correctly 


Step 3

Check that the bin is placed correctly within the port. If needed, manually draw the bin towards you to ensure proper placement. 




Step 4

Ensure that nothing covers the bin pick-up holes. Adjust if needed.


Step 5

Press the "Retry" button on the port to initiate another attempt at picking up the bin.


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