Port error: Alarm activated and bin not returned to grid

If you encounter a situation where a bin fails to move back to the grid from the port while the port alarm is on, it is likely due to the bin being too heavy. This knowledge article provides guidance on addressing this specific issue.

Follow the steps below to solve the issue

Step 1

For safety, make sure that the red error light above the "Retry" button is lit. The port will not move until the Retry button is pressed, so it is safe to handle the bin while the error light is on.


Step 2

Unload extra goods from the bin.

Important! If you must remove an item that has already been registered in inventory, make sure to adjust the number of items on the bin by using the Search functionality in Pio app (you need to write down the number of the bin and request it back to the port using Search in the app).

Remember weight distribution in the bin:

Evenly distributed - max. 30 kg
Located on one side - max. 15 kg
Located in one corner - max. 10 kg


Step 3

Press the port "Retry" button.


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