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The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

Purchase orders can be imported or synced to Pio and used when storing items. You need an Admin or Manager account in order to import purchase orders to Pio.

Go to Dashboard > Purchase Orders to find the purchase order overview. 

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Purchase order overview
Import a purchase order
View purchase order
View purchase order contents
View purchase order history

Purchase Orders overview

The Purchase Orders overview shows all imported receivables / purchase orders.


In the receivable list you will see the following information about each order:

  • order number

  • expected date

  • number of items

  • status

Sort and filter

You can sort the receivables list by:

  • Expected date (recent / oldest)

  • Order number (ascending / descending)


By using filters, you can limit the purchase order list to show only orders with a specific status. 


To remove all filters, select ‘Clear all’.

Import purchase orders to Pio

You can import a purchase order as a CSV file to Pio. Click on 'Import' button on the top line:  csv01.png

After that, choose a CSV file to import. 


After you have found the file, import the file(s) to Pio. You can upload multiple files at the same time:


View purchase order

Selecting a purchase order from the list will give you more detailed information about the order:

  • Order number

  • Expected delivery date

  • Total number of items

  • Number of items received

  • Status of the order

  • Order contents:

    • Product name

    • SKU

    • Color / Size

    • Status


From the order content, you can access details on each product and where it is stored.

View order contents

Select a purchase order. The order view has a summary of expected date, number of products in the order and how many items are received. A detailed product list can be found in 'Order Contents'. 


Click on a product to see details on item locations, availability and allocated items.

View order history

When viewing an order, you can easily find the 'Order History' by clicking the three dots-icon next to the order status.


The 'Order history' shows when the purchase order was uploaded and when it was closed.  view_order_historyINVENTORY_LIST-2.jpg

Order comments will also be visible in 'Order history'.

Inventory Planner integration

When your Pio and Inventory Planner account are connected, all Purchase Orders (Stock orders) from Inventory planner will be synced to Pio.

Go to Admin > Purchase Orders and select 'Refresh' to force a new sync with Inventory Planner.  

Details on Inventory Planner integration: Integrate with Inventory Planner

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