Order won't go into picking queue

There can be various reasons why an order remains 'stuck' in the Open status and doesn't proceed for picking, including orders intended for in-store pickup. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve the problem. 

Products must be in stock

First, check that all the products in the order are in stock. If you haven't chosen to partially fulfill orders, all products in the order must be in stock for it to enter the picking queue.

Open Pio app and go to Admin view > Orders, then search for the order and select it. You can click each product on the order to check its stock status.

If all products are in stock, proceed to the following solutions.

Check shipping method

Pio requires a shipping method to be present on the order in both Shopify and Webshipper. Check the order in both systems to verify that a shipping method is selected in both systems. 

For "in-store pickup" orders, a shipping method is also necessary. If the shipping method is missing from Shopify, the shipment from Webshipper cannot sync with Pio, resulting in the order remaining in the "Open" status.

In Webshipper, an error message will appear when opening the order if there is an issue with the shipping address or shipping method.

Once the Webshipper order has a valid shipping method, you can manually trigger an order update from Webshipper to Pio. Open the order details in Webshipper, add some text in the "Internal comment" field, then return to Pio and check if the order has updated to "In progress."

Webshipper shipping methods

The shipping methods offered to customers in Shopify checkout should always correspond to a shipping method in Webshipper. If a new shipping method is added only in Shopify, the order will not enter the picking queue in Pio until a matching shipping method is selected in the Webshipper order.

Shipping methods can be linked in Webshipper for future automation. This article from nShift/Webshipper explains how to match shipping methods: https://helpcenter.nshift.com/hc/en-us/articles/6834257087644-How-do-I-link-shipping-rates-to-my-orders- 

Also, review the shipping method details in Webshipper. If you have added a new shipping method, ensure that the conditions and details (e.g. weight) are correct and that no warnings appear when editing the shipping method.


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