Order is not synced to Pio

All orders ready for fulfillment in Pio are automatically transferred to Pio, where they are queued for picking. 

If an order is not transferred to Pio, here are a few things to check:

Items missing in Pio

Ensure that all items in the order are available in Pio's inventory and have valid SKUs. It's important to note that all SKUs must be unique in Pio. You can find all products in Dashboard > Inventory.

If an item in the order is not available in Pio's inventory, you have two options:

  • Edit the order in Shopify and remove the item that is not in Pio. Then choose "Request for fulfillment" to sync the updated order to Pio.
  • Update the product details and/or SKU in Shopify to sync it with Pio.

Imported orders

For larger B2B orders, especially those imported from Excel or similar, double-check that all items have valid SKU and are available in Shopify.

If you have to make changes to the order you can cancel the request for fulfillment with Pio before making any changes to the items. Once the order is updated, choose "Request for fulfillment" again to send it to Pio.

Items out of stock

If the items in the order are not in stock, the order will still be transferred to Pio. Depending on the Pio system setting for partially fulfilment of orders the order's status in Pio will be either "Open" or "In Progress". However the order should always be synced to Pio.

  • If partial fulfillment is disabled, the order will remain "Open" until all items are in stock. Once all the items are available, the order status will change to "In progress" and the items will be added to picking queue.
  • If partial fulfillment is enabled, the order will be "In Progress". Pio app will automatically split the order into multiple fulfillment requests, with only the products in stock will be added in the first fulfillment. 

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