New release December 2022

The new Pio app version is released in the beginning of December 2022. This version has several updates in user interface (design), where many of them are based on feedback from our customers.

Global changes in the app

checkmark.png Scanning of QR codes for ports is now history

checkmark.png Exit option is always available in the upper left corner to easily exit the current flow

checkmark.png New colors and icons

checkmark.png Inspection is now called Search. New name better explains what the functionality is used for. 


The storing flow is the same as before, but with a new design. We have updated the article 'How to do storing' with brand new screenshots. 


checkmark.png When you log in to the app and enter the homepage, you will now immediately see the number of orders in the picking queue.

checkmark.png As soon as you enter the picking flow, the first order will show on the screen, now with larger images of all the items in the order.

checkmark.png The order number and shipping method are visible all the time through picking

checkmark.png See the updated knowledge article here: How to pick orders in Pio 

Search (former 'Inspection')

checkmark.png You can now add multiple products/bins/kits to a queue and request all bins at once. The system will start to prepare the bins when added to the queue and deliver them to the port one by one when you click 'Request added bins'. More details on adding bins to a queue: 

checkmark.png When requesting bins, you can see the queued bins in a list by clicking the '## bins in queue' button next to the search field.

checkmark.png The details of 'How to search in Pio' is refreshed with new screenshots and description on how to request multiple bins.

Bin configuration

checkmark.png Added number of available bins for the compartment type you want to change

checkmark.png Added guiding in top screen to help show the steps for bin configuration

checkmark.png Help center article is updated with new screenshots: How to configure bins in Pio



checkmark.png When switching from Port mode to Dashboard in the Pio App, the first thing you'll see is the Dashboard Insights. Here you’ll get a quick overview of warehouse activity and performance, backlog, storage details and issues.

checkmark.png Deviated orders with link to where the deviation can be resolved  

checkmark.png Find out more about how to resolve Deviated orders

System > Software integrations

New user interface for integration setup for Webshipper

checkmark.png Add or edit 'Order channels' 

checkmark.png See added 'Shipping rates' or refetch the rates from your Webshipper account  

checkmark.png Select 'Printer connections' to choose which printer is connected to each port



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