Release Notes March 2024

New feature: Filtered pick

The Pick button in the app is still the same. But if you would like to filter the orders to pick, you can now select the new button 'Filtered pick'. 

Choose between these filtered pick options: 

Pick per shop

If you have multiple stores connected with your Pio app, select the store you want to pick orders for. This is useful when you need to separate the order queue by which store they origin from.

All orders

This filter is useful if you only want to filter by store, but otherwise use use the same picking flow as the pick button on the homescreen.

Pick grid orders only

This option allows for picking orders with items from the bins in the grid. Use this option when you have a mix of grid and shelf orders, and you want to pick all the orders from the grid first (or last). 

Pick shelf orders

When you store items on locations outside the grid, we recommend to pick and prepare the manual order lines separately. Place them on a trolley and move it back to the Port workstation for consolidation.

Read more: Shelf picking - items in Pio stored on locations outside the grid 

Pick consolidated orders only

The consolidated orders are tightly connected to the shelf pick orders. When a shelf order is picked and placed on the trolley, it is at the same time ready for consolidation.

Filtering by consolidated orders will give you the option to choose when to pick the prepared shelf items on the trolley and consolidate orders with items from the grid (if the orders include products from both locations).

Read more: How to pick filtered orders in Pio 


New Home page design

The Home page in Pio port mode has gotten a new design. Notice how the Pick button is highlighted with a yellow color and both the Pick and Store buttons are now larger than the other buttons. Except from the new size and color, the 'Pick' & 'Store' buttons are the same as before.

New Login page design

The login pages are refreshed with a new design, all the way from the admin login page to the number pad where users enter their pin code.


Bin layout icon in bin search

Compartment specification icon is added in the bin search. Whenever you use Search to find a specific bin, the bin icon highlights in which compartment the products are located.  



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