Release Notes February 2024

Pio releases smaller updates and changes continuosly. This months release focuses on improving the existing workflows in the Pio app. Here is an overview of the changes included.

Picking: Next pick screen

The next-pick screen is improved. Product images are listed with a new preview layout, and when an order has multiple order lines, the items that are picked will disappear from the next-pick screen.

In the navigation bar for the next-pick screen, you can now find the following details:

  • the order number
  • which shop the next order belongs to (NEW)
  • order note (if existing on the next order)
  • how many orders are left in the order backlog (NEW)

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Picking: Number of items in bin or compartment

We have added the total number of items in the bin or the compartment you are picking from. The number will show below the bin graphic or the shelf location id.

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Read more: How to pick orders in Pio

Storing: Improved storing flow

The button for storing shelf items is moved to the navigation bar. You will find it next to your user account in upper right corner. 

Store the same product again

After storing a product in a bin or on a shelf, you are sent directly to the product list. This way, you can quickly store the same (or a new) product again. The complete-screen is removed for every item stored.

The same bin layout will be re-used for storing until you select a new bin layout. A button is available next to the product search box when you need to 'Change bin layout'.

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Read more: How to store products in Pio

Smaller visual updates

Bin configuration

When doing bin configurations, we skipped the Complete-screen to save a click when you are reconfiguring a lot of bins.

More details: Bin usage and reconfiguring bins

User accounts

The login screen and user account has gotten a face lift and are presented with color circles.

Placeholder image

The placeholder image is refreshed with a new design. This will be shown when products are missing images.

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