Inside the grid


This article is intended for certified Pio Super Users who have completed Pio’s Super User course because it requires in-depth knowledge of Pio hardware.
It is dangerous to follow the instructions below if you are not certified Pio Super User.
Please contact your manager to determine who can perform these steps in your company.

Important! When you are moving on the grid, always follow local regulations and safety guidelines.

When there is a situation with bins or robots in the grid that needs to be handled manually, a Pio trained Super User can enter the grid.

See also How to enter and exit the grid

A service vehicle must be used at all times to move around inside the grid.

Do not move bins manually! Use robots to clear the way to the necessary bin. You can find details here on How to move the robot manually

If a robot stands in the way of the bin you want to check, it must be moved to the exit cell.

See these articles for How to move a robot manually and How to park a robot manually 

Overview of the different cell types and areas in a grid






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