Service Trolley


This article is intended for certified Pio Super Users who have completed Pio’s Super User course because it requires in-depth knowledge of Pio hardware.
It is dangerous to follow the instructions below if you are not a certified Pio Super User.
Please contact your manager to determine who can perform these steps in your company.

The Service Trolley is a vehicle for Pio Super Users to move around on top of the grid. It has 8 wheels and moves on the same tracks as the robots.

Service Trolley specifications

  • Two wheel sets consisting of 4 wheels each
  • Two handrails for driver support
  • Kneeling cushion
  • Anchor bolt
  • Drive-selection lever
  • Stoppers for locking the drive-selection lever in position
  • Tool box for transporting tools
  • Max load 120 kg

Operating the Service Trolley

Important! When you are moving on the grid, always follow local regulations and safety guidelines.

The Service Trolley can be moved both in X and Y direction on the grid. Kneeling on the Service Trolley, either in the wide-side or narrow-side position, use the lever to select the direction of where to move. Use your foot to get it up to speed. Always move the Service Trolley in a walking pace.

When changing direction between X and Y tracks, stop the trolley and make sure you are positioned directly above a grid cell before using the track-shift lever. Do not change directions while moving.

Parking the Service Trolley

The Service Trolley has a designated parking area where it should always be returned to after use. The parking area is marked with blue or red cell cover plates.

When parking the Service Trolley, make sure to leave the lever in the parked position (middle position)  and with all 8 wheels down. 



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