Pio grid overview

Pio grid is a framework that provides storage space for all the goods in the warehouse. The grid is made of lightweight aluminum.


The tracks are built with double driving tracks in both X and Y directions. 


Each location inside the grid is called a cell. 


Different cell types

Cells in the grid are used for different purposes.

  • Storage: cells that are used to store bins

  • Empty: cells that do not hold a bin

  • Port: cells that are above a port

  • Buffer: cells that are located next to a port

  • Street: cells that are kept clear so that robots can drive over them

  • Special: reserved for special purposes

  • Exit cell: where robots will be parked and taken out of the grid

  • Chargers

See an example of how cells are marked:


Locate a cell

Sometimes it is necessary to locate a specific bin in or on top of the Grid. Pio uses a coordinate system for this. The coordinate system has three axis:

  • X-axis

  • Y-axis

  • Z-axis


Robot charging

Robot charging position is the cell in front of the charger. This is where robots go to charge. 


Handrail and robot barrier

Each grid also comes with guard systems that consists of a hand rail and a robot barrier. It serves to keep the robots safe on top of the grid. 



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