Pio port overview

Ports are the workstations where the Robots will deliver and pick up bins from the workers. Pio uses the port model called Conveyor 5.1. 

The port uses a conveyor belt to move the bins to the operator. While one bin is being presented to the operator, the second bin is held in place above the port by a robot.

Bins are delivered in the port with the wide side first.

Port control panel

The control panel above the port has a power and a "retry" button, some LEDs to show the status of the port and an emergency stop button.

See more details in these articles:
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Weight control

If a bin in the port is too heavy, an alarm will sound and the bin will not be moved to the storage area. 

To stop the alarm and to move the bin to the storage area:

Remove items from the bin until the weight is less than the configured limit.

Technical details

Dimension port furniture (LxWxH): 632mm x 492mm x 692mm

Dimension conveyor belt (LxWxH): 2057mm x 452mm x 163mm

Max load including bin: 35kg

Furniture material: painted aluminum with composite plastic edge

Max bin throughput: 180 bins per hour

Min exchange time: 5 sec (7 sec including overweight function)

Troubleshooting articles

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