Selling products from multiple locations

In Shopify, you have the option to use different locations for your products. This is useful if some products need to be stored in a different location than the Pio grid, such as items that are fulfilled from a shop or external warehouse location. 

For this workflow to function as recommended below, some customization using the Shopify Flow app is required.


Update product locations in Shopify
Update stock for other locations
Fulfilling orders with products from multiple locations
Keeping track of all orders

Update product locations in Shopify

Go to product settings in Shopify > click into a product > choose which location the product will belong to:


If you uncheck the Pio location, this product will not be sent to Pio for fulfillment. Only the products that belong to the Pio location will be part of the Pio order.

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Update stock for other locations

For products stored in the Pio location (either within the Pio grid itself or Pio shelf items), the stock quantity will be synced directly from the Pio app to Shopify, but for products stored in other physical locations, the stock quantity needs to be maintained directly in Shopify. 

Fulfilling orders with products from multiple locations

Products with different location assignments can be sold in the same webshop and added to the same order by customers.

Important! Check that the setting for Partial fulfillment is enabled in the Pio app. This is required when fulfilling orders from multiple locations.

When the order is placed in Shopify, items will be listed with the fulfillment locations that they belong to:


When the order is paid/authorized, only the items that will be picked from the Pio grid are synced to the Pio app:


After picking the order in Pio, it will be marked as Fulfilled in the app., but at this time the Shopify order will be set to status “Partly fulfilled” until the remaining items from other locations are fulfilled.

Keeping track of all orders

If the Pio app is your main source for order fulfillment, you also need to keep track of orders that are partly fulfilled in Shopify. 

Our recommendation is to use the Shopify Flow app to set up automation with conditions to trigger actions when the order is created. With Shopify Flow, you can tag the products with the Shopify location, check for product tags when the order is created, and then add an order note which will appear directly in the Pio app. You can also set an email trigger to notify the store owner/warehouse manager about orders that need fulfilling outside Pio:


The order note that you build in Shopify Flow will appear in the Pio app as the yellow banner in the Picking flow as pictured below:



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