How can I exclude products from Pio?

As default, all products will be automatically synced to Pio when the integration is active and the inventory sync is enabled. 

However, you might sell some items in the online store that should be excluded from the webshop. For example if you sell virtual items or keep some stock in other locations. 

Update the location for the product in Shopify

In order to keep these products out of Pio, they must be removed from the "Location Pio(app)".

Find the product in Shopify and click the "Edit locations" link in Inventory section.

Uncheck the location "PIO":  


The products will still be listed in Pio Inventory, but they will not be fulfilled from Pio automatically. 

Block orders

Want to find out how to block orders from going directly to picking? Take a look at this article: How to set rules for order prioritization

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