How to connect Zebra Socket Scanner with iPad

A barcode scanner is needed when doing bin insert, but you can also benefit from using a scanner when storing or searching for products.

Pairing Zebra Socket Scan S700 with iPad

If you have previously paired the barcode scanner with another device, the scanner needs to be reset and unpaired from Bluetooth devices in the other device's settings. 

In iPad Settings > Bluetooth, check if the Socket Scan is already connected. If it is connected, and you cannot use it for scanning, then click the "i"-icon and choose "Forget This Device" in the Bluetooth list. 

Open the Zebra Socket Scan user guide to find the barcode for "Pairing reset", or scan the barcode below to reset the scanner:


Scanning the reset-barcode will turn the scanner off.

Press power button to turn it back on, and check in iPad Settings > Bluetooth to find it listed as "Socket S700" in "Other devices".

The bluetooth light on the barcode scanner should be blinking fast when the scanner is discoverable and ready to be paired.

Connect the device in iPad's Bluetooth settings, and the blue light on the scanner should now be steady. You can also hear one beep when the scanner connects with the iPad.

Start the Pio app and open Store or Search. Find an item with a barcode and try to scan it. The result should show in the text field immediately. 

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