What happens with existing Shopify orders and inventory when integrating with Pio?


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When you connect your existing Shopify account with the Pio app, there are a few things to follow up on.

As a default, the Pio integration will not enable any syncing of either stock quantities or any order fulfillment.

This way, it is up to you to add products to the grid first and get ready for order handling in Pio. While filling the grid with products, you are able to continue fulfilling orders from your current location and warehouse.

Sync all products to Pio

From the moment the integration is installed, all your Shopify products will be synced to Pio. At this point, a new Location will also be added in Shopify: 'Pio - webshop.name'

You can begin storing items to the grid in the Pio app directly after the products are synced from Shopify.

The stock sync from Pio to Shopify will by default be disabled during onboarding. This is to avoid duplicate stock data for different locations in Shopify. 

When you are ready to start picking orders from Pio, we will do a full inventory sync from Pio to Shopify and at the same time enable the stock sync from Pio to Shopify.

Contact Pio support to agree on when to enable the stock sync.  

Sync new orders to Pio

If you are already handling your current webshop orders in Shopify, you can continue with manually fulfillment in Shopify after the Pio integration is installed.

The order fulfillment will be disabled in the integration as default when installed. 

When items and stock are stored in Pio app and you are ready to start picking orders in Pio - let us know, and we will switch the integration to send all new orders to Pio.


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