How to install Pio app on iPad


The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

As a security measure only Pio Admin can install Pio app on on iPads that will be used in the warehouse. If you will use several iPads in the warehouse you need to repeat these steps on all the iPads. We recommend that each port should have their own iPads. 

Configure iPad settings

Before you install the Pio app for the first time, you have to change some iPad settings. Please go through the steps here first: Configure iPad settings before installing Pio app

Add Pio app to the iPad home screen

Before you can use Pio app on your iPad, you need to add the Pio app to your home screen. Follow these steps to add the new app:

1. Open Safari and navigate to

2. Do NOT log in yet, but add the app to the home screen first: 


3. Then click on ‘Add’:

 4. Make sure you close all Safari windows after you have added the app in your home screen.

5. After these steps Pio app should be added to your home screen. 

Every time you want to use Pio app, use this app (do not write the URL address again in Safari).

iPad authorization

Once you have added Pio app in your home screen, open the app (click Pio app link on your home screen) and log in with your Pio app username and password.

‘Authorise device’ prompt appears automatically the first time you are signing in to Pio with your iPad. Click on ‘Authorise device’ button:


After authorizing the iPad you should be automatically directed to your Pio app’s admin page.

If you don’t get ‘Authorise device’ when you log in for the first time it means that you haven’t added the app in your home screen. Go back to Add Pio app to home screen and repeat the steps there.

Note that the admin will have to log in and authorize all iPads that are going to be used in the warehouse before it can be used by other users.

The authorization process is the same for all iPads.

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