Pio User roles


The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

Pio Admin

There can only be one Pio Admin account in Pio. Pio Admin role is closely connected to Pio app and Pio Admin controls all the settings for the app: user management, software & hardware integrations, business rules and payment details.  

Pio Admin is also the only user who can configure bins in Pio app. If you need to split more bins into multiple compartments, Pio Admin can do this by using the "Configure bins" option in the app. This option is not available for the Pio User that operates the ports.

Pio Admin is usually the manager of the store or the warehouse.


Pio Super User

Pio Super Users have gone through training by Pio personnel and are therefore certified to perform basic operations with robots, ports, grid and Customer Console if needed. 

There should always be at least one Pio Super User available per shift in the warehouse. 


Pio User

Pio Users are warehouse workers who work at Pio ports and do storing, picking, and packing. They can perform all the most common tasks at the port, including Picking, Storing and Searching. All workers at the port should have a their own Pio User account with a chosen pin code for access to the Pio App.

Whenever there is a need for checking a specific order, product stock or bin, as an admin you can always view order details to see who has been working with this item previously.



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