Product sequencing in orders

Product sequencing was launched as a new built-in functionality in February 2023. Sequencing the products means they will be served in a specific order when picking. This will organize the way you get the products served when picking large orders with many variants of the same product.

How product sequencing differs from normal picking

Originally, the robots would serve the products most effectively based on the digging and retrieving of bins. But, when an order contains a product with multiple sizes and colors, all the variants for this product will be queued for picking in a sequence.

Available product attributes for sequencing product picking

It is also possible to enable brand and product type for sequencing. These attributes will then add to the already sequenced size and color variants for the products.

All sequencing levels are toggleable, based on organization settings. Product SKU and sizes are enabled by default. Brand and product type sequencing is possible but disabled by default. If you want to change brand or product type settings, please contact Pio Support. 


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