How to swap SKUs for two products on Shopify

Products are always created and maintained from the Shopify admin. New products and changes made there are then synced to Pio.

If a product is created in Shopify with an incorrect SKU, you can modify this to the correct SKU in Shopify, and it will be synced to Pio.

But if the new SKU is already in use by another product (ie. a duplicate SKU) and you need to swap SKUs between two products, you can follow the steps below in order for the updated SKU to be synced to Pio:

Step-by-step SKU swapping

Task: SKU1 and SKU2 need to be swapped in Shopify

  1. Set SKU1 to TEMP-SKU1 and save the product
  2. Set SKU2 to SKU1 and save the product
  3. Set TEMP-SKU1 to SKU2 and save the product


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