Order statuses in Pio and Shopify


The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

Orders in Pio app are updated whenever they get an update to payment or fulfillment from the webshop. Available order statuses are listed in the overview below. 

Statuses for orders in Pio

  • Open: not handled yet, ready to be queued for picking

  • In progress: ready for picking, or currently at a port being handled

  • Blocked: order is blocked by order prioritization rules

  • Deviated: something is wrong with the order 

  • Partly fulfilled: order is split into multiple shipments and waiting for more stock

  • Unpaid: waiting for payment before the order can be handled 

  • Fulfilled: order has been picked and made ready for shipping

  • Cancelled: order is cancelled in Shopify

  • Shipped: order has been picked and shipment is created in Webshipper

Statuses for orders and fulfillment in Shopify

Shopify orders operates with two status types: Payment and Fulfillment status.

Payment status is connected to the payment method, and can, among others, be set to:

  • Payment pending

  • Authorized

  • Paid

  • Unpaid

  • Partially paid

  • Refunded

Payment and fulfillment statuses are closely connected. An order must be authorized or paid before it can be fulfilled in Pio app.

When the order is authorized/paid, the Fulfillment status will still be "Unfulfilled." Only after the order is picked and shipped in Pio app + Webshipper will the the Shopify order will update to the "Fulfilled" status. 

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