How to configure bins in Pio


The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.

This guide will give you an introduction how to configure bins. If you are a new Pio owner and are inserting bins and bin dividers for the first time, please proceed to this article: Bin insert using Pio App. 

This article demonstrates how you can reconfigure the existing bins after you have started to use the system.

This video will guide you through the process of bin configuration in Pio. Begin by watching the video, and then explore additional step-by-step information below the video for further clarification.

Topics covered in this article

Step 1 - Select layout to edit
Step 2 - Select the new layout
Step 3 - Add/adjust bin dividers
Exit Bin configuration

Step 1 - Select layout to edit

First of all, select the bin layout you would like to change. When configuring the bins for the first time, opt for the bin without any dividers. If you later realize that you don't require as many 8-split bins, for instance, you can reconfigure them into different layouts.

Note that the 'available compartments’ overview (number below the bin types) indicates the number of empty bins remaining in that particular layout.


You can configure any empty bin. If you want to change the layout of a bin with content, you first need to empty the bin and update the amount of products. After that you can change the layout and store the items again.

Step 2 - Select the new layout

After you have selected the bin type you want to change, select the new layout of the bin. 


Click 'Confirm layout > add the number of bins to configure > Confirm. 


The system will now start to retrieve the requested empty bins from the grid, and deliver them to the port.


Step 3 - Add or adjust the bin dividers

When the bin is retrieved, add the bin dividers as per the new layout, and click ‘Send bin back’. A new bin will be presented in port. 


When all the requested bins have been configured, the green button will show 'Finish'.

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Exit Bin configuration

If you need to stop configuring a bin before the flow is finished, use the Exit-button in the upper left corner. 

Check this article if you need help with the dividers: How to insert bin dividers.


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