How to pack bins correctly

All goods in Pio are stored in standardized, specially designed plastic containers called bins.

Bins are stacked on top of each other inside the grid. In order for Pio system to work properly it is extremely important to pack bins correctly. Incorrectly packed bins cause majority of the problems with the Pio system.

Consequences of wrongly packed bins: 

  • Wrongly packed bins can stop the Pio system from functioning properly
  • When bins are packed incorrectly, you cannot pick or store any items until the issue is fixed
  • Fixing incorrectly packed bins is time-consuming and can disrupt warehouse operations

The following video will show you how to pack bins correctly. Watch the video first, then read more details below.


Topics covered in this article

Maximum load
Filling the bin
Be careful when packing inflatable items or items in plastic bags
Wholesale items
Oversized items
Bin dividers

Maximum load

Maximum load of the bin is 30 kg.


Filling the bin

Do not overfill the bin! Fill the bin only until the marked line. 


When filling the bin, make sure that:

  • nothing comes out of the bin:




  • nothing covers pickup holes and there are no other hurdles:


Inflatable items and items in plastic bags

  • Pay extra attention to inflatable items or items packed in plastic bags (for example clothes packed in plastic bags)

  • Do not press inflatable items when packing. Leave some room when packing inflatable items/bags. It's always better to have fewer items in the bin than too many.

Wholesale items

  • If you sell wholesale items sold in boxes make sure that the boxes are sealed

  • Make sure boxes won't open in the bin


Oversized items

Oversized items must be stored on shelves. Read how to store oversized items in Pio app here: How to store oversized items



Bin dividers

  • Use bin dividers to store different SKUs in the same bin
  • Creating and using multiple compartments will maximise storage space in Pio



Read more about optimizing bin's storage space here: How to optimize storage capacity in bins

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