How to store shelf items

You can store items that are too large for a bin as 'shelf items' in Pio. Larger products can be stored on a shelf, rack or other locations that fits the item. 

Start storing process normally by choosing 'Store' on home page. Then select 'Store shelf item' option in 'Select bin layout' screen: 


Find the product you want to store by scanning a barcode or using search functionality. When you have found the right product, adjust the number of items to store, and select ‘Next':


Register a shelf code for the item either by scanning a shelf barcode or typing the shelf code manually. Then select ‘Store items’:


After you have stored a shelf item, you can continue to store another item or use the back-button in upper left corner to Exit storing and return to homepage.


Shelf locations and barcodes

Pio recommends using barcode labels with the location IDs for shelves and storing locations outside the grid. Barcode labels ease the storing task as you can use a scanner when storing. Also, location IDs can easily be reused.


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