How to maximize storage capacity

When storing your products in Pio, it's important to carefully determine the appropriate bin layout that best suits your products. 

If a product can fit into both a 2-split and 4-split bin, it is recommended to opt for the smaller compartment size and distribute fewer units of each product within a single compartment. This approach ensures quicker emptying of compartments, allowing the bin to be available for storing new items.


Let's say you have 70 t-shirts in size XL that could fill a bin without using bin dividers:

Picture shows 70+ t-shirts in a bin without bin dividers.

Instead of using the whole bin for storing a t-shirt in size XL, you should store these t-shirts in multiple compartments. The image below illustrates how the same quantity of t-shirts can be stored in a 4-split bin:

Picture shows 70+ t-shirts stored in a 4-split bin

Store the same product in multiple compartments in the same bin

But why should you split up and store the same product in multiple compartments within the same bin? It may initially appear less convenient to stock a product across multiple compartments.

However, by doing so, each compartment contains a smaller quantity of stock, and you will empty out compartments faster compared to storing all products in a bin without any bin dividers.

The emptied compartments can then be used for storing new products.

Storing the same product in multiple compartments gives two main advantages

  1. Maximizes the storage capacity of the bin
  2. Frees up more space at a faster rate, enabling efficient utilization of the available storage area

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