How to find unfulfillable orders in Pio

Situations where items have been oversold or the order isn't fulfillable for other reasons can sometimes happen. The three most common reasons why an order is not fulfillable are insufficient stock, missing shipments from the shipping software or the picking queue is full.

Insufficient stock

When an unfulfillable order arrives in Pio, it will have the order status 'Open'. All orders are available in the Pio app Admin > Order overview.

To get a list of orders that are missing stock to fulfill, filter by Stock: 'Insufficient stock':

The orders with insufficient stock are listed on the App Dashboard in the Issues section. Select the 'Out of stock orders' link to get to the list of the orders and see which products are unavailable:

Shipment is missing

When the order is synced to Pio, there should also be a shipment available in ShipStation or Webshipper. If, for some reason, this shipment is missing, the order won't go to picking. You should investigate why the shipment is missing and sort this out before the order can be picked in Pio.

Picking queue

There is a limit to how many orders can be prepared at the same time. This depends on the grid size and varies from system to system.

If you are looking into an order and cannot find any issues either with the shipment or the items in stock, then check how many orders are queued in the status 'In progress'. If there are already 2000+ orders listed in the queue, you can pick some more orders before new, open orders are added to the queue.

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