Shopify: Product inventory out of sync

All inventory updates in Pio are synced directly to Shopify upon change.

Whenever a product is restocked, picked or adjusted manually by searching and requesting it to port, the change should be reflected in Shopify within a minute. 

At the same time, there is a possibility that you can find a product in Shopify that has a higher stock level than in Pio. Why?

The most common reason is that there has been an order allocating stock, and the order is cancelled. When cancelling orders in Shoipfy, by default the option 'Restock inventory' is checked.

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 07.49.16.png

This option should always be unchecked when cancelling an order, as Shopify cannot increase stock levels in Pio, and it would lead to a mismatch in Pio <> Shopify inventory.

How to fix it

There are two options for resyncing inventory; either manually in Shopify, or in Pio, depending on where you have stock available.

Adjusting in Shopify

If the product is out of stock in Pio and not in Shopify, you can manually adjust the stock level in Shopify and set it to zero.

Trigger update from Pio

If the product is still available in Pio, it will be synced and adjusted automatically the next time this SKU is either picked, stored or when quantity is adjusted manually. You can easily trigger an update by requesting the product in a bin to the port, and temporarily add/remove one item, select 'Confirm', and adjust it back.


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