Bin usage and reconfiguring bins

When first starting up with Pio and inserting all the bins in the grid, you have to configure bins with the different layouts needed for storing products. Even though a rough calculation can be made in advance on how many you should configure of each type of bin layouts, it is useful to go back and review this on a later stage. 

Bin usage

You can find a full overview of bins and their layouts in the Pio Dashboard. The fillage percentage shows how many of the bins and compartments are currently in use.

Click 'View more' to see the bin split overview

Bin split

Use the 'View more' link from 'Storage in use' in the bottom left corner on the Dashboard to find a detailed overview of the bins in your Pio system. The Bin split popup shows:

Bins total - how many of each layout is available in the grid

Bins left - how many empty bins are available for each layout

Compartments total - how many compartments in total for the bin layouts

Compartments left - how many empty compartments are available for storing

Overview of all bins with layout configurations and free compartments

Make a list of bins to reconfigure

If you are running out of a certain type of bin layouts, you can consolidate products of the same SKU that are spread around in different bins. This will free up more compartments and make bins available for reconfiguring. 

The easiest way to find bins with free compartments is to open Inventory from Pio Admin Dashboard. Use the 'Bins' view with filters for the layout you want to inspect for consolidation, also check the 'Free compartments', and Sort by: 'Bin Content (min-max)'. This will list all the bins with the fewest compartments in use first:

Next step will be to Search for these bins in Pio app in the Port. Add all the bins you want to update to a queue and request them to Port. 

Now take out the products, update the quantity available in the bin, and send the bin back. Repeat for the next bins until you have cleared out the number of bins you would like to reconfigure.

Reconfigure bins

Now open the 'Configure bins' flow in Pio app. Start the 'Configure bins' flow and follow the steps to reconfigure from the layout you now have available to the new layout you need. 

Details on how to configure bins are available in this article: How to configure bins in Pio


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