How to add more bins to the system


This article is intended for certified Pio Super Users who have completed Pio’s Super User course because it requires in-depth knowledge of Pio hardware.
It is dangerous to follow the instructions below if you are not certified Pio Super User.
Please contact your manager to determine who can perform these steps in your company.

In the rare occasion that a bin needs to be removed from the system (described in article How to take bins out of the grid), you may also need to insert one or more new bins into the system. We recommend using the Pio app when adding bins to your system, but it is also possible to use the Customer Console for this.

In this article you will find the required steps to add a new bin manually to your Pio grid.

Follow these steps to add a new bin

Tag the bin with barcode sticker
Open port in Console
Place the bin in port
Add bin ID and insert the bin in Console
Send bin to grid

Tag the bin with a barcode sticker

All bins in the Pio system must be tagged with a barcode ID sticker before they are inserted. Remember to always add this before starting the bin insert process.

Open port in Console

Go to Port tab in Customer Console on Controller PC. Switch the dropdown "Set Port mode" to "Insert" and click play-button to enable the new status.


Place the bin in the port

At this point, the port should be open in Insert mode and the bin can be placed in the port. Note that the port furniture will need to be removed to insert the bin, and make sure that the corners of the bin are lined up with the metal tabs at the edge of the port:


Add bin ID and insert the bin in Console

Manually enter the bin ID number in the 'Insert Bin from mode Outside' field and then select the Play button to run the command.
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.14.31.png

You don't need a scanner when inserting only one or two bins. 

Send bin to grid

When the new bin ID has been added to the port and in system, it will be sent to the back of the port and picked up when a new bin is delivered to port.

If more bins are being added to the system, repeat the steps above. 

Read this article if you are inserting bins for the first time: Bin insertion

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