Shelf picking - items in Pio stored on locations outside the grid

Shelf pick option is a new picking flow made to ease the process when you have items in Pio stored both in bins inside the grid and larger products stored on shelves or hanging racks.

If the orders in the picking queue contains products from other locations than the Pio grid, it will ease the picking flow for the port worker if these products are collected first and left on designated trolley locations next to the workstation.

When starting the picking flow in port, Pio will guide you to pick either from bins, from the trolley location or from a shelf (the last option is if an order with a shelf item hasn't been prepared on the trolley before picking it from the port).


In order to start with shelf picking flow in Pio, there are a few things to prepare.

Here are some recommendations before you start:

- name the shelf locations in alphabetical order, with aisle+shelf+level
- use barcodes for locations for easy storing
- connect a scanner to the iPad to use on the shelf picking round
- prepare a trolley to move the items picked from shelves to the port or workstation
- use barcode locations on the trolley to keep the items sorted

Start a new shelf pick round

Select orders 

When entering the Shelf pick flow you can use the + / - buttons to select how many orders you want to pick from the shelves.

The product images will be listed on the left side of the page, and if the same product is to be picked for multiple orders, only the number of items to pick (in the upper right corner of the product image)  will be adjusted. 

When re-entering Shelf picking page, the same number of order as picked the last time will be suggested.


List all available shelf pick orders

Use the button in upper right corner, '3 available orders', to list all available orders with shelf items.

You can choose which order to add to picking queue by using the 'Add +'/'Added'-buttons on each order line, or the +/- buttons above the order list.

If all orders should be added to the picking queue, simply select the 'Add all orders' button and all orders will show as 'Added'.


To see more details for one order, simply click on the order line, and you will find the shelf locations and also which grid items the order contains. 


There are 3 tabs in the list view of shelf pick orders. Click the tabs to switch between shelf pick orders in status 'Available', 'In progress' and 'Completed'.


When you have added the orders to pick from shelves, select the green button 'Start shelf picking 3 orders'.

Take your trolley and start picking from the shelves

Pio will organize the most optimized picking route, based on an alphabetical order of shelf locations.

Bring the trolley to use for temporary placement of the items that are retrieved from the shelves. Here is an example of a trolley where you can use multiple locations:

Use the scanner to scan the item's barcode when picking, or simply select 'Confirm pick' on the iPad.


If the order has more than one item, you must 'Confirm pick' for each piece that is picked from the specified shelf location.

Place the item on the trolley, and scan or enter the location ID: 


Skip items

If, for some reason, you have to skip an item during the shelf pick round, use the arrow icon in the top row to skip the next picking item. IMG_0430.jpg

Confirm in the popup dialog that you want to 'Skip items':


Skipped items will be removed from the shelf pick list, and the order will be made available for the next shelf pick round.

Complete shelf pick

When you have picked all items for the orders you selected, follow the instructions on the success screen. The trolley with the picked items can now be moved back to the workstation.

The next step is to start normal picking flow in Pio app and pick items both from bins and from the trolley locations.


Start picking in port

When the shelf pick round is completed, and the trolley is placed next to the workstation, everything should be ready to start picking in Pio.

When a shelf item is required in the order, Pio will tell you which location on the trolley to pick the item from.


Exit during picking

If you have to exit in the middle of the picking round, you can use the 'Exit' button in upper left corner. Follow the instructions in the dialogue box and move the trolley with the picked items to the workstation. These items are now ready to be consolidated with orders from the grid.

If you have to exit during the picking of a shelf order, the order will be left in status 'In Progress'. Orders in progress must be resumed by the same user that started it.

You will be asked to resume this incomplete order when you go back and resume shelf picking. 



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