Best practice: Picking and storing using a hand scanner

When picking orders with Pio, we recommend using a hand scanner to confirm the picked product. This way, you will get feedback immediately if the product you're picking from the bin doesn't match the product in the order. 

It is also a best practice to always use a scanner when storing products in Pio. First, scan the barcode to search the product you are going to store, and next, scan each product as they are added to the bin.

By using a scanner for picking and storing, there are less chances to store or pick the wrong products, and the content in bins are even more accurate. 

Scanning for picking and storing is always enabled

The 'scan in/out' functionality was released in February 2023, and is available for everyone.

You don't need to enable it, just start using your scanner while picking or storing.

Recommended barcode scanners

If you don't already have a scanner, you can find our recommendations here: Recommended technical equipment

Picking products from the bin and confirming with the scanner

You can confirm picking the products one by one by scanning the barcode as you pick the item from the bin. A message will show how many items have been scanned.


Each item should be scanned as it is removed from the bin. This replaces the need of selecting the 'Next pick' button on the screen and it will prevent mistakes during the picking process.

What happens if you scan the wrong product

If you pick and scan another product than what is in the order, you will get an error message. It is not possible to continue picking until the correct product is picked and scanned.


Use a hand scanner while storing products in Pio

Try to avoid manually searching for the product (using the keyboard) and scrolling up/down to find the correct variant you are going to put into Pio. Instead, use the scanner to scan the barcode and find the correct product to store.

In addition to searching for the product by scanning, you can keep scanning each item as it is being put into the bin. 


Scan each product as they are placed in the correct compartment, and the counting will add up the numbers automatically.

If you by accident scan another item while storing this product, you will see the same error message as for picking ('Wrong item').

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