Can I exit picking in the middle of an order?

To avoid manual errors, try not to exit picking mid way through an order. If you choose to exit picking in the middle of an order, you will be asked to confirm and leave the order unfulfilled.

By selecting 'Exit picking', the open bin in the port will close, and the order will go back into picking queue. 

Mark the partly picked order

If you for some reason have to exit picking mid way, it is very important that you mark the products you already picked with the order number (i.e writing the order number on the cardboard box you’ve started filling with items).

This is because an incomplete order might be presented to another employee later to be completed, and that way they can find the items already picked and packed by you.

Set up an "issue shelf"

Some companies also have an ‘issue shelf’ in their warehouse to make it easier to spot orders with errors or left incomplete. It might be a good idea to create a set up like this to be sure to avoid any mistakes.

Take over picking

The order will at some point be presented to someone who is doing picking and they will be asked to 'Take over picking'. This means that s/he is continuing to pick an order which was started earlier.

In the takeover screen there will be information about the order and the user who started it: 


When resuming picking of an already started order, you should double check the products and amounts in the order details option. Tap the order number to view the Order details.

Here you can find details on How to pick orders in Pio

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