Recommended technical equipment

In order to operate and interact with your Pio, you’ll need to purchase additional technical equipment. The equipment needed will vary based on your grid configuration, picking workflow, and software integrations. For example, you will need one iPad for each Port on your grid, but if you only handle picking from one of the ports you will only need one label printer.

Pio has been tested and is compatible with the following equipment. If you choose to purchase equipment not included in the following recommendations, we cannot guarantee that Pio will be compatible nor will we be able to support you with any issues related to the devices in question.


  • Apple iPad 2020<  10.2" (each port need to have their own iPad)

  • we also recommend to invest in iPad stand


Even if your products do not utilize barcodes, at least one scanner is required for bin insertion when your Pio is installed (all bins are marked with a barcode that must be scanned when inserted to the grid for the first time).

Since Pio is used on iPads, it is highly recommended to purchase bluetooth scanners that can easily be connected to iPads. Here are some scanners that have successfully been used with Pio:

Zebra DS 2278 digital scanner

This is the fastest scanner we have tested with Pio. It can be used both with a docking next to the port or as a handheld scanner. Reads barcodes easily from different angles and distances. 


Socket Mobile - Socket Socketscan S700 1D

Small and cost effective scanner. It is lightweighted and can be used for all scanning processes with Pio.


ProGlove hand scanner

Wear the scanner on your hand, secured on a glove. This frees up your hands for more efficient processes. 



Below are some printers that have proven to be compatible with Pio:


Zebra ZD421 Barcode Label Printer

This printer can also be used wirelessly if you buy a Zebra ZD421 Kit Wireless module Wifi module

A useful accessory is the 'label dispenser' module for this printer that automatically peels off labels after printing, which is called the Zebra Kit Upgrade Dispenser ZD421d

Zebra GK420d Barcode Label Printer

This is an older version of the ZD421 printer, and can also be used for shipping labels.

Laptop for Webshipper client

Please note that if you are utilizing Webshipper for printing labels, you will need one PC or Mac workstation for each printer running their Silent Printer Client application -- even if your printers are networked

Service PC

You need a Windows laptop to use with the Customer Console. The PC requirements are Windows OS and an ethernet port (RJ 45). 

Lenovo V15 G4 15,6" Full HD

This is just an example of a laptop that can be used as a Service PC. 


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