Shelf labeling system

Efficient organization of the shelves for storing items outside the Pio grid is key for operational productivity. The Pio labeling system is a handy way to name shelves in your warehouse. It combines barcodes with a structured method of identifying shelf locations. This helps you organize your warehouse shelves in a systematic and easy-to-follow manner.

The labeling system is optimized to give the picker the shortest walking routes when picking orders with shelf items.

Shelf location IDs

The Pio shelf labeling system utilizes a hierarchical format, containing Aisle.Section.Level, where:

Aisle: Represents the main corridor between the shelves
Section: Is the specific segment of shelves within each aisle
Level: Indicates the vertical positioning of the shelf within each section

Example: Aisle 1, Section 1, Level D gives you the location ID 1.001.D: 

Naming the shelves

When naming the shelves, Pio recommends using a logical aisle sequencing strategy to facilitate efficient navigation within the warehouse.

Start with the first aisle positioned on the right-hand side with locations labeled as 1.1, 1.3, etc. Proceed with consecutive numbering (1.2, 1.4, etc.) on the left-hand side of the same aisle.

When reaching the end of the first aisle, continue labeling the subsequent aisle from the opposite end, beginning with 2.1 and 2.2, and so forth. See the example in the illustration below:

Barcode labels

Generate barcodes for each unique location identifier using a barcode generation software or tool.  The labels can be printed on a shipping label printer but with smaller labels than the shipping labels.

Place the labels in a consistent position for optimal visibility and ease of scanning for the warehouse worker.

Need help with generating or printing the shelf labels?

Contact Pio Support to get a PDF list of as many barcode labels as you need.  

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