How to pick filtered orders in Pio

Filtered pick is your starting point for picking orders when your Pio is connected to multiple shops, or if you have stock stored both in bins and on shelves.

The numbers on the button will tell how many orders are in the backlog for shelf pick (yellow) and for consolidation (red).

You can use the already filtered order queues and select the type of orders to pick and for which store you want to start picking orders.

By using the 'Filtered pick' button on the Home page, you will get a list of available filters: Select shop, All orders, Grid only, Shelf pick or Consolidate.


Select shop

If your Pio is connected to more than one webshop, choose 'Select shop' to filter the orders from this shop. The numbers on the options below 'Select shop' reflect the order backlogs for the selected shop. 

All orders

This option will give you a picking queue of all available orders, including orders with items stored both in the grid and on shelves.

Grid only

Select 'Grid only' if you want to restrict your picking queue to only pick orders containing products stored in the grid. Select this option to start picking in port and at the same time exclude orders with shelf items. 

Shelf pick

Select 'Shelf pick' to create a list for manual picking of orders containing shelf items. The number next to the title tells how many orders with shelf items are in the backlog.

Picking from shelves is described in this article: Shelf picking - items in Pio stored on locations outside the grid


When manual orders are picked, they are placed on a trolley or temporary placement. Bring the trolley back to the port or packing workstation to have it close when starting picking. 

Select 'Consolidate' to start picking orders that are ready for packing and shipping. 


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