Stop the system using the Emergency stop button

In the event of an issue in the port or grid requiring the system to be stopped, you have two options. The preferred and recommended method is to use the Customer Console to stop the system.

However, if an immediate system stop is necessary, you can press the red emergency stop button located next to the grid door. This will initiate a system stop, but the robots will complete their assigned tasks before they stop. 


When to use the Emergency stop

The emergency stop button is intended for use in genuine emergencies only. The emergency stop button should not be used every time you enter the grid. The button is for situations where you need to stop the system quickly and cannot use the Customer Console's 'Stop' function. 

How to start the system after using the Emergency stop

Release the emergency stop button, and switch the key to position 0 and then back to position 1.

After this, perform a power cycle of the ASIO in the Controller cabinet. Press the power button (indicated in the image below), wait until the lights stop blinking, and then power on the ASIO again.  


Go to Service PC and press 'Start' in Customer Console to set the Pio system back to 'Running'.



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