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The Move flow allows you to take inventory from one location and transfer it in the Pio app to another location. Moving is also possible between different Pio locations and other warehouse locations/shops in Shopify.

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Start a new Move flow
Available locations for moving stock in Pio
Move products from bins to a shop location
Refill bins with products from backstock on shelves
View progress
Exit during moving

Start a new Move flow

Select 'Move' on the Home page to start the Move flow.


A red notification with a number on the Move button indicates that there is an existing Move session for this device. 

Available locations for moving stock in Pio

You can add multiple products from and to a new location by making a list. All the products you add to the list must be moved from one location (for example bins) to the same new location (for example shelves).

If you want to move items both from bins and from shelves, this must be done in separate move sessions.

The available Move combinations are:

Move from bins to

- empty bin
- empty shelf
- refill shelf
- shop/warehouse

Move from shelf to

- empty bin
- refill bin
- empty shelf
- refill shelf
- other warehouse location

Move from shop/warehouse to

- empty bin
- refill bin
- empty shelf
- refill shelf

Move products from bins to a shop location

One of the most common scenarios for the Move flow is to take products from the grid and refill stock in a retail shop or other location outside the grid. When using Pio+Shopify integration, you can move stock between locations in Shopify by using Move.

Note that Pio does not know the number of items available in your other locations in Shopify/ERP/POS.

Add products to a move-list

Start the Move flow by adding the products you want to move to a move list. Search or scan items on the search page. Select the 'Move' button to the right of each line to add the product to the list. A new screen will show:


On top of the page, select where to move the product From and To. In this example, we will move 3x of 3 different sizes of sweaters from bins to the Pio Office location in Shopify. 

Select 'Search or scan more products' button to move multiple products. This will take you back to the search result where you can add more products. 


Navigate between the search results and the Move list by selecting the '3 products'-button next to the search field. It will show the number of products you have added to the move list.

Take products from bins

When the list is ready, select the green button 'Move from bin'. The button text will reflect the location where you are taking the stock from. Clicking the 'Move from bin'-button, will trigger the robots to start fetching the bins.


When the bin is open in the port, follow the instructions on the page to remove the correct number of items from the highlighted compartment of the bin. Adjust the number of picked items to reflect how many items you removed from the bin.


Select 'Next' to continue picking the next products from the list.

Success page

When all items have been picked from bins, select 'Finish'. This will complete the transfer process and the items are moved to the new location.

In this example, we moved products from the grid to a warehouse/shop location in Shopify. After the products are picked from the bins, the quantity is adjusted in Shopify for the 'To'-location. 


The success page confirms how many SKUs and items are moved to the new location. 

Refill bins with products from backstock on shelves

If you store backstock on shelves, you can use the Move flow to refill the grid. When moving items from the backstock and into the grid, you can choose between storing the products in empty bins or refilling bins with the same SKU. The system will know which bins the SKU exists in and deliver the bins you request to add the products.

Create a move list

Add SKUs to the list in the same way as described in the previous example. Select 'Search or scan more products' to toggle between the Move-list and the search result list.


Select 'Move from shelf' to start the picking round.

Take items from the shelves

Follow the instructions on where to pick items from, and how many to take. If the number of items in this location doesn't match, adjust the quantity by using the - / + buttons. Select 'Next' to move on to the next product.


When all the products in the move list are picked from the shelves, you are asked to go to a specific port to do the storing.

You can choose 'Continue' or 'Do it later'. 


If you select 'Do it later' you will be sent to the Home page and a notification will show that there are products on the Move.

Refill bins

When all items are picked from the shelves, take them on a trolley over to the Port where you are going to store them in bins.

In this example we are refilling bins with the same SKU. The robots will bring a bin with the same SKU, as long as this already exists in the grid. 

The bin icon will mark in which compartment to add the items, and the quantity to add is prefilled with the number of items picked from the shelf.


Select bin layout

If the product doesn't exist in bins already, you will be asked which bin layout you would like to store the items in. Select the appropriate layout and a bin will be presented in the Port shortly.


Add as many as fits into the compartment, and adjust the number of items you are storing.


If you cannot fit all the products in the same compartment, you will be asked for bin layout again for the next storing. 


Add the products to the bin, and select 'Next' to continue with the next product or finish the move session.


Success page

The Move flow is finished when you see the summary of how many products have been moved on the success page.


View progress

You can always follow the progress on the move list and see how many products have been moved, and how many are still in queue to be moved.


Exit during moving

If you have to exit during the moving process, you can use the 'Exit' button in the upper left corner. We recommend completing the Move to keep track of the products all the time.

The products taken from bins or shelves must be marked or put on a temporary shelf if you have to continue the process later. 



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