How to do inventory count with Pio

Inventory count is an important part of the end of year review process. There are different ways to perform an inventory count. From the conventional physical count of all inventory to cycle count where smaller parts of the inventory are counted on a regular basis. 

When you have all your inventory stored in Pio, you no longer need to invest a lot of time, cost and people doing a full inventory count of your warehouse. All products are counted when stored in Pio and the amount of products is continuously updated when products are taken out. 

How can I check the inventory in Pio vs. online store?

Export a full inventory list from your online store (ex. Shopify). Use this list to search for a few random SKUs and request all bins where these SKUs are stored.

Count the items in the bins to see that the quantity correlates with the expected quantity from the inventory list.

If there are some discrepancies when counting the products in the bin, check bin history to see if there has been a recent sale or quantity adjustment made for the bin. DSC00628.jpg




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