Can I change the priority of orders in the picking queue

Move an order to next in queue

There might be a situation where you need to get a specific order out of the grid fast. You can prioritize a specific order by using tags in your webshop and creating a business rule in Pio that matches with that tag and sends those orders to picking immediately.

Start by creating a new rule in Pio Dashboard > System Settings > Organisation settings - Order prioritisation. Click 'Create new rule' :


Choose 'Tag' under Category and create a name for your tag (for example 'now' or 'urgent'). Note that the tag name has to be 100% match in Pio and in your webshop otherwise the rule won't work. Choose 'Now' under Handling time: 


Important! You should only use 'now' tag for one or two orders at the time, otherwise the picking process will slow down dramatically.


How quickly can I expect the order to come to picking? 

When adding the now/urgent tag to the order in Shopify, the order will get prioritization in the picking queue immediately. Depending on the length of picking queue there might be 1-2 orders that will come to picking first, but it shouldn't take long until the prioritized order will come to picking.


Note: The business rules are only available for Pio Admin in the app dashboard.


See also this article for more details on creating different business rules in Pio: How to set rules for order prioritization?

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