How to integrate with Shopify


The Pio app functionalities presented in this article are only visible for Pio Admins.


Provide Shopify details
Set Pio password
Install Shopify app

Provide Shopify details

timeline: should be done before/during Pio grid installation

In order to create your brand new Pio app instance, we need some detailed information to set up an organization and create a Pio account.

Please send the following details to

Set Pio password

timeline: should be done before/during Pio grid installation

After you have provided us with the Shopify details, we will set up your new Pio app and create an Admin account. 

When the app is up and running, the Pio admin user can create accounts for other people in the company that needs access to the Pio app (like port workers and super users). It is only the Pio Admin account that needs to be created by Pio.

Verification email

When the Admin account is created, you will get an email from Pio which will allow you to access Pio app and set a password for the app.

Click on the link in the email.

Note that the link expires in 24 hours!


Set a password

Click on the link in email and you will be prompted to set a password for Pio app:


Install Shopify app

tools needed: we recommend doing this step on your laptop because you need to be logged into Shopify and Pio before doing it

timeline: should be done before/during Pio grid installation

After you have set up your admin password for Pio, please inform us. Then we will create a custom Shopify app for you, and send you the the installation link.

After you have gotten the installation link from us, follow these steps:

  1. Log in both to your Shopify store and Pio app on your laptop (URL for Pio app when using laptop:

  2. Click on the installation link you got from us

  3. You will be automatically directed to your Shopify store. Click on the green ‘Install app’ button in the top right corner:

  4. This will trigger automatic installation of Pio app in your Shopify store. The installation doesn’t normally takes so long. After the installation process is done you will get a success message on your screen:


Your shop will now show up in the list of Shopify integrations in Pio app admin (Dashboard - System - Software integrations):


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